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Monday, July 20, 2015

Free Muscular System Activities for Science Human Body Unit (Teachers Pay Teachers)

How do your 640 muscles all fit together and work to help you move around? Help your students learn about the muscular system by using the teaching resources below!

We've produced helpful teaching resources to assist you in teaching the basics of the muscular system. We believe our YouTube video and FREE quiz will help your students in many areas including: using technology, reading comprehension, reading independently, test taking skills, human biology and muscular system basics. Thanks for visiting - enjoy!

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 muscular system human body craftivity interactive notebook

This foldable craftivity works well in science centers or stations. Students are given strips on which to complete sentences using the word bank. Students may need to use classroom materials or research online for answers. Optional answer strips and a word bank are available for easy differentiation. Higher students may research their own facts to write under the flaps. Average students may fill in the blanks. Lower students may use the key to read and paste under the flaps.


This bundle will save you time and money!

 human body systems activities for kids 5th 6th grade

In this HUGE biology bundle, you will receive interactive notebooks, task cards, game ideas and worksheets. All 12 body systems are included.


Your students may also like this online game from Anatomy Arcade.

 poke a muscle online human body systems game


Click HERE to download a free muscles activity worksheet from Science for Kids.

 free muscular system worksheet


You may also like these resources from our Amazon Associate store:

 muscular system chart


 human body model for kids


 giant muscular system classroom chart for kids 5th 6th grade


 the muscular system anatomical chart poster for classroom teacher


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